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Greg’s connection with creative arts began in childhood.  He could often be found with sketch book in hand, or hiding it along with books under his pillow before bedtime.  When he wasn’t exercising his imagination drawing or reading, he could be found on stage or, more importantly, the host of his own talk show, to the rave reviews of his stuffed animals.


His true connection to children's theatre began at the tender age of ten when he participated at the Claremont School of Theatre Arts, CSTA, summer program.  After four years as a student, he worked his way up through the ranks and stayed part of the family as an intern, assistant teacher, acting/movement teacher and finally taking the position as assistant director.  Along side these achievements, he was also a proud Thespian in high school, as a member of troupe 2129, proving to him that theatre was fast becoming his driving force.


Greg earned a degree in Psychology from the university of San Diego.  During that time he worked at the CASRC, the Child and Adolescent Research Centre.  In addition to this training he spent four years working with a local chapter 1 middle school, working with math, science and the arts, as well as collaborating and co supervising the AVID program.


Greg has been fortunate enough to work with a diverse group of theatre companies. Most notably his work with the National Drama Company in Ghana, participating in all areas not only as a performer.  This work has only solidified that the language of theatre and art is universal, it brings together diverse groups, surpassing boundaries such as religion and social background.

In the theatre you are not alone.  It is a unifying force, no matter if you are alone, or seemingly feel alone, art swiftly brings you together


Chloe’s background in theatre stems from various incarnations of collaborative/devised performance. During her training in the UK she focused on adaptations of classic works, with specific interest in Greek Tragedy and Shakespeare. She has always been passionate about incorporating interdisciplinary and intercultural art forms, and non-traditional performance, to enhance the story and message of the work.


She has also steadily developed a love for education through theatre, and is passionate about promoting, enabling and supporting creativity in children from a young age. Chloe’s interest in art, creativity, travel, and personal growth lead her to various places around the globe, and she has been lucky enough to work with Theatre companies in Europe and West Africa before moving to the USA. She has also taught and lead workshops to children ages 4 and up. 


“What I love about children is their limitless imagination and uninhibitedness. I am constantly inspired by others and want to enable young minds to explore the world from a creative viewpoint, to enhance their curiosity and encourage social awareness. I believe children are born without prejudice and inherently believe in justice and equality"



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