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From our exposure to children in various countries there is an enthusiasm and appreciation for art that is infectious. In villages, you see a pure form of imagination and a creative energy, especially when these areas are introduced to new materials they might not have had previous access to. This program works towards showcasing that joy and enthusiasm of cultural artistic traditions and share and expose children from around the world. 




the National Drama Company of Ghana

Theatre is universal. Here we take a peak into the value and impact of theatre through the eyes of the National Drama Company in Ghana. 


Acting Out: As a Nation

Photos: Greg McGoon

Working with the National Theatre in Ghana, I was able to immerse myself within the theatre community, more specifically, Theatre for Development.


The Drama company does a national tour going from town and village performing for the school children. These performance target various issues, including woman rights, diseases, food, sanitation, and others.

Additionally, they collaborate with the various communities and develop plays based on the peoples’ concerns, and use the play as means to open a dialogue to encourage solutions and/or appropriate behavior. 

- Greg McGoon

photo: Greg McGoon

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