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The Story of the Lupine Lady, Miss Rumphuis


Why Miss Rumphius? Its message is simple and pure, and universal and something we can relate to and continue to connect to into adulthood and even as we grow older. Miss Rumphius' journey can inspire others to think about their individual trace/ footprint on the world. The protagonists’ story is very personal to her but along the way she affects and is affected by others and the world around her. The story of Miss Rumphius teaches us that we can always make a positive difference at any stage and any age; its never too late, and no effort is too small. Alice a young thoughtful girl, grows up to be a worldly independent and rescourceful woman. This is no fairy-tale in which a princess awaits her prince to save her, she goes out and explores the world and makes her own informed decisions, ultimately leaving a positive ongoing legacy. She also does so in an eco-friendly way. 


We aim to inform and to inspire, not to preach but to open young eyes to the beauty and diversity of the world around us, and to encourage creative thought and thoughtful action in individuals. 

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