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The Arts Unite the Human with Humanity

Founded in 2012, Artcentricity, Inc, (non-profit, 501c3) encourages creativity, appreciation and engagement with the arts.


This early access can have a profound impact on improving happiness and wellbeing and gives children and young people a key to increase their knowledge of the arts, a curiosity to explore and develop and ultimately to realise a talent that will last for the rest of their lives.


Developmental theatre lies at the heart of our productions. Artcentricity encourages children and young people through art exhibitions workshops and seminars and cultural events, including collaborations with the National Drama Company of Ghana, to draw out and learn from current issues, which promotes understanding, engagement and enjoyment. 


Art would not exist without those who experience it. That is experience goes beyond the artist.  Teach respect to the artist to those who are not overcome by that passion.

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A 2-and-a-half-hour youth workshop to explore the creative self to promote social interaction, confidence, and exploring your story. 

15 participant max per workshop

Workshop age groups:




Story Time

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Out of the Box

Story by Greg McGoon

Pictures by Elettra


A children's story. Join Devin on his adventures and what he learns along the way. 


As a child a box was magical. Crumbled paper could become trees, and sheets could flow mightier than any waterfall. Jungles, swamps, rivers, and deserts were no more out of reach than your own bedroom. The imagination could translate any idea, no matter how absurd, into a reality that could achieve effervescent smiles.  


A portion of the proceeds will go towards Artcentricity

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